How to get a tax refund and pay less tax in future: an employee’s guide to tax allowances hidden in plain view

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Buy this book, and you could get a tax refund worth hundreds, or even thousands of pounds! Not only that, but you will then pay less tax in future!

Those are bold statements, but ones made by a qualified accountant (FCCA), and a qualified corporate treasurer (AMCT), who has saved clients millions of pounds of tax, and is now making that expertise available to you.


For the price of a pizza

Not everyone can afford an accountant, however if you buy this potent “self-help” book, for the price of a pizza, we will reveal the secrets of paying the right tax, and getting a tax rebate.

Even so, tax can be complicated, so this book is written in easy to understand terms. It will unravel the complex tax-knot, and show you simply how to claim a cash back from HMRC, and also how to pay less tax in future. It has already helped many employees like you, including directors, receive sizeable cheques from the tax man. Ordinary folk like midwives, gardeners, nurses, teachers, salesmen, labourers, shop workers and many others have received cheques for hundreds of pounds from HMRC. You can be next!

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A book with the X factor

Buy this book and, in addition to the benefits and know how available at, you will also get access to “concealed”, web pages packed with extra resources and intelligence just for you; ammunition that could help you get a repayment of tax, or increase the reimbursement from HMRC; the X factor you need to help you go further.


But what do other people say about the book?

“Wisdom Da Costa has produced a book which I am sure will enable many people to better organise their tax affairs and to take advantage of allowances, expenses and deductions which can be used to reduce tax liabilities.”

Lord Palmer of Childs Hill, OBE FCA

The book contains useful information and advice and sample template letters that readers will find useful. I commend the book to you.”

International Banker, John Richards OBE

Using Wisdom’s advice, I regularly get tax refunds worth thousands of pounds

Hubert, Salesman

Wisdom got me a tax refund of £600

Carole, Midwife

I got a cheque for £300 from HMRC

Mark, Gardener

This uncostly book could be the best investment you make this year.

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Secrets revealed

In showing you how to claim your tax reward, this book;

  • Exposes 21 types of expenses and allowances you can claim a refund for (Chapter Two and Three), explains who can use them, and what you can claim for.
  • Uncovers more than 250 industries, jobs, and professions who can claim special allowances, and guaranteed allowances, and tell you what they can claim (Chapter Four)
  • Provides flow charts to guide you through the complicated process of how to claim the maximum refund using dynamic, and powerful, Capital Allowances.
  • Divulges 40 more insanely useful tax tips, and valuable, buried tax gems, to help make that cash back as big as possible.
  • Discloses more tricks and tips to help you manage your tax like an accountant (Chapter Five)


We show you how to

  • Identify additional work related costs you could claim for with a practical exercise and key principles(Chapter One)
  • Prepare the evidence needed to keep HMRC quiet (Chapter One)
  • Prepare your Claim against HMRC, with easy examples (Chapter Six)


We give you more

Included in the book are

  • 10 template claim letters for you to copy and use
  • A powerful, and insanely useful Index to let you to find out if you can get special allowances for you job, profession, or industry; or to find out related roles, with bigger & better benefits, that you could claim for


Wow! All of that content for the price of a pizza.


Ask yourself?

Do you know what are the 21 expenses and allowances you can claim? Has anyone ever told you that before?

Do you know if your job, or role, can claim some of the special allowances made available by HMRC to some 250 industries and professions?

Do you know how to make a strong claim for expenses from HMRC?

Do you know how to put a correct value to your claims?

Do you know what records and evidence you need to keep, to keep HMRC quiet, in case they question you?

Do you know the industry tips to help you get round HMRC, and make a successful claim?


If you don’t know, then buy the book to find out more.

A life of less tax is just a few clicks away

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An opportunity to grab quickly

Those slippery politicians like to change the tax rules regularly, so it’s hard to know where you stand, or what is going to happen next. These opportunities could disappear with the Chancellor’s next statement.

And HMRC apply time limits to how far back you can make a claim, and the next time limit is approaching fast. If you miss the next deadline, you would lose a year’s worth of expenses, allowances, and tax refunds.

So don’t wait. Buy the book now, and get started on making your claim before the rules change, or your miss a deadline.

Once you’ve bought the book, if you need further help, read the helpful articles, or email us at the address in the book.

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Happy tax refund!