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Welcome to AccountingWisdom, the website dedicated to helping employees pay less tax, and get tax savvy.

  • We will help employees pay less tax, and even get a tax refund.
  • We aim to demystify tax, and tell you, as an employee, what you “can do”, to empower you to take control of your own life.
  • We will reveal simple, legitimate methods which are often “hidden in plain sight”; it’s not tax evasion, and it’s not tax avoidance, rather practises which you can use to save hundreds and possibly even thousands of pounds of income tax.
  • We will tell you what tax allowances you can claim no matter what your tax rate is, and show you how to submit successful tax claims to HMRC, even if you have to send in a Self Assessment Tax Return.
  • We show you how to beat the tax man, no matter what tax bracket you are in.
  • AccountingWisdom and Quickclaim are designed by Sunday Times Top 200 UK Accountants at ACCA registered Accountancy company “A Star Accounting Services Ltd


On this site you will discover help to “pay less tax” including:

  • Valuable advice, information, and ideas in the form of blogs & videos (to come) exploding tax myths, revealing secrets, and showing you in detail how to pay less tax
  • FREE resources to help you work out what you can claim
  • Inexpensive tools, such as spread sheets and calculators, to help you by simplifying more complex issues and calculations
  • Useful advice and Books to help you learn more, and claim more
  • Helpful products and services to help make your tax, your finances and your life easier for you

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Good luck, and tell us how you get on.

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